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570 Rosemont Ringoes Road
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Contact Information

Diana Rumage
Acting Clerk
(609) 397-3240 ext. 205
[email protected]

Deputy Township Clerk
(609) 397-3240 ext. 205
[email protected]

570 Rosemont Ringoes Road
P.O. Box 500, Sergeantsville, NJ 08557
Fax: (609) 397-4893

Upcoming Mayor & Council Meetings

10 Jun
Township Committee Meeting
Date 06.10.2024 7:30 pm
8 Jul
Township Committee Meeting
07.08.2024 7:30 pm
12 Aug
Township Committee Meeting
08.12.2024 7:30 pm
9 Sep
Township Committee Meeting
09.09.2024 7:30 pm
15 Oct
Township Committee Meeting
10.15.2024 7:30 pm

Clerk Information

Our goal is to assist all residents and members of the public in a friendly, helpful and courteous manner and to provide any necessary information to the Governing Body and all Municipal Departments. If you have any questions just email us and we will get back to you or you can stop by and see us in the Township Municipal Building.

In New Jersey, the Municipal Clerk must possess an RMC designation in order to be appointed to one of the most important and exacting positions in municipal government.  This entails the completion of courses through Rutgers, The State University and passing an examination given by the State Department of Community Affairs.

The Municipal Clerk is the part of the municipal operation and by virtue of her/his position, serves as liaison officer between the governing officials and the taxpayers.

The broad range of services provided by this Office are accomplished by the dedicated employees who make up the department.

The Municipal Clerk, regardless of the form of government, is charged with the following statutory duties:

Secretary to the Municipal Corporation
Secretary to the Governing Body
Chief Administrative Officer of all Elections
Chief Registrar of Voters in the municipality
Administrative Official

Open PUblic Records Act

In January, 2002, the Open Public Records Act was signed into law by then Acting Governor DiFrancesco which requires government records to be readily accessible for inspection, copying or examination.

A request form, which includes the requestor’s name, address and telephone number and a specific, brief description of the record sought, must be completed and submitted to the Municipal Clerk as the Custodian of Public Records.

Names, addresses and telephone numbers are considered releasable, however, unlisted telephone numbers are not releasable. Many of our in-house forms have been amended to include a check-off box to indicate an unlisted telephone number. This information will not be released to a requestor.