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Wetlands and You - Perfect Together

Environmental Commission
05.15.2024 7:30 pm


Wetlands and You: Perfect Together

Do you know what a wetland is or why it is important? Because wetlands are a hybrid of land and water resources, they are often misunderstood and undervalued. However, New Jersey has been a leader in recognizing and protecting wetlands. This talk will provide a brief history of wetland protection in New Jersey, and information on the importance of wetlands and how to identify them.

Susan Lockwood has worked for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for 40 years. She has been involved in the State Freshwater Wetlands Program since it began and is currently the Manager of policy and technical development, which oversees the development of wetlands, flood hazard and coastal regulations as well as the Outreach, IT and GIS Units in the Division of Watershed Protection.